Why to choose our cross-country ski school?


Cross-country skiing is a sport where technique really matters. Anybody can teach you how to walk on skis but we are not going to settle with that!

Cross-country skiing is our passion! We have been skiing since we learned to walk. And eversince we learned to ski we have been racing in cross-country skiing.

We master both classic and freestyle skiing and all those different techniques of skiing and variations of the techniques. And we want to teach you all about them! 🙂

Cross-country skiing is all about that striding and gliding – dancing on snow. Good skiing technique will allow you to ski long distances with comfortable speed effortlessly.

We prefer teaching you privately or in small groups. Often we see huge ski school groups where nobody actually learns how to really ski. That is not how we want to do it! We want to be there for you and make sure you will learn to ski!

Check our prices here!

Please notice that our prices does not include equipment! However, we have good partners in the area and we can organize you good skiing equipment.

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